Specialty Advertising

Everyone knows about advertising on Google and facebook.

However, there are other profitable advertising opportunities that sit quietly in niche markets and unique corners of the web.

For example, www.captera.com is a search engine / directory for software. If you’re shopping for say payroll software, you might stumble upon Capterra. If you sell payroll software, you can advertise on Capterra to a highly targeted audience.

For most clients, in most industries, their online advertising needs will be best served by the more mainstream media options.

However, if there are specialty blogs or directories sites that are relevant to your products and you’ve got additional budget, we can help you find and manage specialty-advertising opportunities.

Every one of our clients has the same goal: generate the maximum number of leads and sales from my media budget. To achieve that goal, you must look at all the available tools at your disposal and select the best performers.

Offering specialty-advertising services is our way of leaving no stone unturned in our quest to maximize your return on investment.

If you know of any media outlets you’d like us to help you assess or you’re just generally interested in how we can uncover them for you, lets talk.