About Us

Clixo was founded on the principle that most advertising agencies have the wrong business model, which isn’t in the best interest of their client base. We saw the flaws of this approach first-hand at previous agencies and knew there was a better way. Clixo is based on the following core values:

Fair and Flexible Pricing

A lot of agencies charge a percentage of ad spend for their management fee. This incentivizes growth for the sake of growth rather than honing in on the best possible return on investment based on top line revenue goals. Furthermore, once we fine-tune your performance, we expect you to want to spend more. That should not mean we get paid more to turn a couple dials and manage the same thing.

No Long Term Contracts

Most agencies require lengthy contractual commitments. With Clixo, you can cancel anytime with 30 day written notice. We can offer this flexibility because our clients are so happy with the performance and service they receive they tend to stick with us for a very long time.

Superior Client Service

Quality of Service is what really sets Clixo apart. Most agencies use entry-level staff to manage client accounts on a day-to-day basis and have a manager attend client calls. We think clients deserve veteran experience all the time. This way, whether we are creating custom strategies, carrying them out daily, or reviewing performance, we feel like a valuable addition to your team.

You might be thinking “this sounds too good to be true” but it’s really quite logical. It’s all possible because Clixo doesn’t want to grow into a large, full service agency with a bloated organizational structure and expensive offices. We prefer to deliver outstanding results to a more select group of clients. We manage our client list and workload very carefully to ensure that performance and customer satisfaction are always excellent. As a result, we enjoy long, successful relationships with each of our clients.

If you like what you hear, you can give us a call (720-213-6509) or contact us.