Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Advertising
We won’t manage your hilariously witty posts on facebook;

We won’t write inane tweets about your latest flash sale; and

We won’t get jiggy with your LinkedIn group.

We will, however, manage your social media advertising on sites like facebook and LinkedIn to distract your potential customers from staring at cat videos and instead visit your website to purchase your products and services.

Now that sounds like a good use of social media budget.

Does Social Media Advertising Work?

Yes . . . If you know when to use it, what it can do (and can’t), and how to set it up and manage it effectively . . . which most people don’t.

Social media advertising is different than say, paid search, and you probably know that intuitively. Here is an example.

When you go to Google and type in “business attorney Denver,” you are shopping. You are researching and looking to hire an attorney.

When you are on facebook, you’re usually there to check your old high school girlfriend/boyfriend or see how many likes your witty post about Kim Kardashian received. Point being, you’re not shopping . . . you’re entertaining yourself.

Whereas paid search is more of a direct response, sales medium, social media does have a few advantages . . . namely the insane demographic targeting options. We can target your ads based on the information people include on their social media profiles. Do you want to target women in their 30’s that shop at Nordstrom or 40 to 50 year old divorced men who ride motorcycles? Social media advertising can do that.

However, while social media advertising has superior targeting options and can generate direct sales, direct sales are not its main function. In most cases, social media advertising is better at supporting other advertising efforts or increasing engagement at the top of your funnel.

So its not whether social media advertising works, its about working with an expert that can help you figure out how and when to use social media advertising to meet your specific goals. We are that expert.

If you have questions or would like to start a social media campaign (or optimize your existing campaigns) the first step is having our team conduct a free audit. See if you qualify.