Retargeting Services

Have you ever gotten freaked out when you visit a website and then you see banner ads from that company following you around the Internet on other websites?

That’s remarketing. And it works.

To be clear, when we say remarketing, we are referring to display advertising on contextually relevant websites shown to people that have visited your website. We’re not talking about follow up email or direct mail campaigns.

Remarketing is particularly powerful when combined with other online advertising like paid search or facebook advertising. Bottom line, if you already have traffic, remarketing can help you squeeze more leads and sales out of that traffic.

  • We will create the strategy
  • You, your design vendor, or one of our partners will create the display ads
  • We will set up your campaigns, manage the ads and generate reports

What You Should Do Next

If you’re already doing remarketing or you want to start a remarketing campaign, contact us for a free audit and lets talk about how we can best support you.