Programmatic Display

Programmatic display is like magic. Let us help you pull the rabbit out of the hat.

Find & Influence Your Target Audience

Display advertising can be a total waste of money if you’re not targeting the right audience at the right time, with the right message. With decades of experience across industries, Clixo knows how to create and optimize RTB and programmatic guaranteed campaigns that will achieve your business goals. And since you don’t pay us as a percentage of media spend like most agencies, you can trust that our strategies are focused on your bottom line. Contact us to discuss programmatic opportunities.

Targeting Options

1st Party Data: Reach new people who are similar to your current users by leveraging look-alike modeling. Confidentially upload customer lists or use visitor cookies and complex algorithms create new, similar audience lists.

3rd Party Data: Find new customers by utilizing big data to target based on both online and real world signals. In-Market audiences are actively shopping for specific products or services. Affinity audiences are people who have specific interests. Both are even more powerful when combined with geo & demographic variables. Trying to reach people in their 40s who make over $200k per year, have children and who enjoy healthy living? No problem.

Contextual: Is a financial advisor ad more relevant on a weather site or an investing blog? Make your message more impactful by showing your ads next to contextually relevant content.

Successful programmatic display strategies take all of the targeting options into consideration and combine the best elements of each. Contact us if you’re interested in discussing how to make programmatic effective for your unique business needs.