Paid Search Advertising Management & Optimization

Paid Search Advertising
If you’re looking for someone to take over your paid search campaigns, it’s likely for one of the following reasons.

  1. You’re not completely happy with your current vendor. Maybe you’ve been with them for a while and the magic is gone or they’re not being proactive and you’ve reached a plateau.
  2. Your campaigns are being managed in-house and either the manager does not have enough time to adequately manage the campaigns or they’ve reached the outer limits of their skill set.

Even if you are looking to start paid search from scratch, your search is over.

The #1 Reason You Should Pick Clixo to Manage Your Paid Search Advertising

Bottom line . . . we produce better results.

You have a media budget. You want to squeeze as much profit out of your resources as you can. We squeeze more leads and sales out of your budget than anyone else.

Here is a summary of how we are able to make that claim.

  • We’ve been creating and managing paid search campaigns since the media first became available to the public (around the year 2000).
  • We’ve been featured speakers and expert panelists at the most prestigious digital marketing conferences and we’ve won awards for leading the industry.
  • Over the years, we’ve taken over and optimized countless campaigns from other agencies and in-house managers and we’ve consistently improved the results of every single one of those campaigns.
  • Learn more about our unique approach on our about page.

We’re not arrogant. We’ve just proven over and over again we’re better. We’d be happy to show you exactly how we can improve your results through a free audit.

Do You Qualify to Work With Our Battle Tested Paid Search Specialists?

  • We work with lead generation and ecommerce clients in both b2b and b2c
  • Our monthly minimum management fees are $2500
  • Our sweet spot is monthly media budgets between $10,000 and $250,000.

How We Manage and Report on Your Campaigns

    • Our management philosophy is simple but critical to our mutual success: we are on a ruthless mission to maximize your return on investment, help you meet and exceed your goals, and generally kick ass so you can rest easy knowing that this part of your business is HANDLED.
    • Every client receives detailed, proactive management throughout the month.
    • While we do use the free automation tools within the advertising interfaces, everything is done by hand and we do not waste your money on unnecessary third party bid management software.
    • During your first month we will work with you to develop custom reporting that meets your needs.


    • We are technology agnostic and will work with any of your existing software.


  • You will have regularly scheduled meetings but we are here whenever you need us. All calls and emails are answered, if not immediately, within a couple of hours or first thing the next business day. In a word . . . responsive.
  • We are a boutique agency that only accepts a few clients each quarter. We have no low-level account managers. You will work only with super experienced, world-class experts.

How We Establish Our Fees and Contractual Relationship with You

  • Approximately 75% of the industry sets their management fees based on a percentage of your media spend. That’s usually not in your best interest.
  • All else being equal, if you spend $20,000 a month or $30,000 a month, our workload is exactly the same. Why would we charge you more to do the same exact amount of work?
  • While we do take your budget into consideration, factors like the number of campaigns to manage; the number of media channels to be used and reporting frequency are the core drivers of our management fees.
  • All of our paid search contracts are month to month. You can always cancel with 30 days written notice.

Contact us to schedule a free audit of your paid search.