Display Advertising Strategy and Management

Display Advertising
Display or “banner” advertising can be useful in two common situations.

1. When you want to support and improve your results from paid search and other marketing campaigns by increasing brand awareness and recall.

2. When your product, service or brand is unknown to your market, there is little or no search volume, and you need to build awareness and brand recognition.

Display Advertising Overview

Display advertising is designed to pro-actively reach out to new prospects across a wide variety of ad networks, websites, and platforms when they are not on a search engine or otherwise specifically shopping for products and services.

Examples include banner ads across targeted sections of major news outlets such as www.nytimes.com, facebook display advertisements, and specialized ads on relevant blogs.

Goals include driving past visitors back to your website, keeping your brand top of mind during the prospects buying cycle or creating general brand awareness for new products and services.

Most people hire us to run their paid search and expand into display advertising. Regardless of whether you are currently running display advertising or not, we always begin with discovery, strategy and media planning to determine the best use of your media budget.

Many of our clients, with our guidance, provide the ad creative to be used. If necessary, we can create basic display ads in various sizes or use one of our design partners for more complex projects.

What You Should Do Next

If you’d like to improve your current campaign or launch a new display advertising initiative, the best place to start is our free audit. See if you quality.